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Carelessness or lack of knowledge

In today's society all around the world and every day, there is going on a great strain on the earth's climate. Problems that have existed for generations and will continue to get worse if the world's population do not take hold of the situation and the foundation of the problems. We have to see the problems and start working towards a sustainable society in which we can be proud and feel safe about to pass over to future generations.

Many of these problems can be solved with simple methods. Small things, that everyone is capable of doing. Both adults and children. A big problem to face is that everyone in the world doesn’t even notice how much the environment is affected. It may feel like the problems are very far away just because you cannot see them. It can be difficult to think that your chose to stop drive a car, just to ensure that the Polar ice (that you may not even has seen, or ever will) wont melt more than it already has would make a difference. Many people do also feel like they don’t know what they can do. Some people feel that they can’t afford to have the think of the climate thoughts. When we talk about the climate and what we can do a lot of the focus is all about the electric cars, solar cells and to eat organic, but for many people that is some very expensive solutions.

A small but significant step toward a sustainable society could be information. Information about what you as an individual can do, both some small and large things. Information that is easy understand and for everyone to read.

Some small things you can do right after you read this is to pull out all the contacts from the wall sockets. Even if you don’t use the charger or the lamp it will continue to draw power. And when you use your lamp make sure you have some LEDs. You can stop buying water. It takes huge, unnecessary resources to produce all the plastic bottles and then fill them with water. Instead buy an ecologic bottle and reuse it, refill it with some water from the tap in your home. Take the bike to work, school or business. Eat all the food you are cooking and do not buy food you don’t need.

Another thing you can do, but that will costs a little bit more is to insulate your home. Insulate all of the walls and especially around windows and doors.

All these solutions will also solve one of the biggest reasons that everyone not chooses a sustainable society. Money. Many people take their decisions based on money. All of these tips will save you a lot of money while taking care of the environment.

So the question is, are the problems caused of carelessness or lack of knowledge. Regardless of what you no longer have any reason to say that it is difficult to help and let these tips pass by. Why not start at once?




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