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Sustainable Development

There are a lot of different problems that we are facing living on this planet, and we could probably solve a great deal of them if we just put our mind to it.

One problem of today is that twenty percent of the world's population uses eighty percent of the Earth's resources. That means that eighty percent is left to share mere twenty percent of all that the Earth has to offer. And as you probably can understand is that that is a way too small of an amount of food and supplies for that large of a group.

We really need to start deal with this problem as soon as possible because other vice it’s going to be too late and a lot of people are going to die. Something we can do to prevent this is to stop using things we actually do not need. Instead of trying to make a thing that already works absolutely fine more advances and better we should put money and effort into helping countries that do not have the wherewithal to feed or develop their community.

I think a big part of the reason that we haven’t already done this is that we are too egotistic and we do not want to give up the facilities we have and live with. But to help our fellow man we must start to think of what we are doing and more important why we are doing these things.

Another good way to help with this issue is to work as volunteers at soup kitchen or similar, because even though you may think that it is just soup and it does not matter whether you do it or not, you can save human beings from starving. Just because you do not need it does not mean that everyone else is going to make it without it as well.

To solve this problem I think that everyone that can should do as much as they can. Everyone should do their bit and stop being so self-centered and start to look outside their little bubble and understand that the world is not perfect, and realize that it is only we who can make the earth perfect.


Sanne Jonsson ESE13


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