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Ethical consumption of artistry – Streaming music

In this post I will introduce and describe some ethical problems/issues of consuming artistic material like I this case music without paying for it. Just to make people more aware about that it is a problem and which issues it may cause.

In peoples everyday life they probably somehow get in contact with music. Perhaps they walk past a radio at work, stream it from their phone or listen to a cd in the car. Anyhow they consume music but maybe most of the time without thinking about who its affects and how. Perhaps the thought about having a responsibility when acquiring music never has hit them. They might not even that it is a choice to pay for music and if they not they are, or kind of stealing.

When listen to music from for example Spotify with a free account people end up causing an issue for the producer or/and the artist. While streaming music from free services the persons/ person behind the songs almost don’t get anything at all if they don’t have a huge amount streams each month. They only maybe get some more followers or get one step closer to turn really big in the industry. In many cases the artist or producer don’t even chose themselves if they want to share their product for free and for everyone to take part of.

I think that in order to change this and give artists and producers more credit for their hard work the consumers’ need to be more aware about the music industry and the struggle with be an artist in general. I think that people need to feel reasonability and willing to support artists work by paying for the service. People should be asked the question Do you think it’s okay to consume music if the one who has made it is the one who gets hurt?

The services where you can listen to free music should be clear with how much or if anything the people behind the music gets from the platform. I also think that it is the artist’s responsibility to choose a platform where they feel comfortable and okay whit the sort of consumption the platform they use provides.

So, by using platforms that provides free music it dose in many cases end up hurting the persons and producers behind the creation in somehow. To prevent this problem from keep happening artists/producers and the services they use to mediate their products needs to be more informative. Also the consumers need to think about the problems one sort of act can cause.



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